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On 17-18 April 2018 the International Scientific Conference Air Traffic Engineering 2018 took place. The Conference gathered about 100 participants from 15 universities, 7 companies and institutions in the Kawallo Hotel in Słubice near Płock. The achievements of scientific communities and aviation organizations in the field of air transport and integration with other modes of transport were presented. During two plenary sessions a total of 12 reports were delivered and during poster sessions 29 articles were presented.The Conference’s guests of honour were the Vice-Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology Wojciech Wawrzyński and the President of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency Mr Janusz Niedziela.

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Presentations delivered during International Scientific Conference Air Traffic Engineering 2018

I. Plenary Session (A. Fellner)
1. Krzysztof Banaszek – Management of Performance Based Free Routing in lower airspace (below FL310) in high complexity cross-border environments, improving predictability, efficiency and flexibility for a wider range of different airspace users (SESAR 2020 Solution PJ.06-02).
2. Jarosław Niewiński – Improved access into secondary airports in Low Visibility (SESAR 2020 Solution PJ.02-06).
3. Patryk Leski – The dynamics of the aviation industry development in Poland, and the need for a personnel in the handling agency.
4. Grzegorz Malanowski – Arup Polska’s experience in airport projects.
5. Michał Skakuj – Environmental threats in aviation and climate change.
6. Piotr Uchroński – Complexity of the security check process – an outline of issues.

II. Poster Session (A. Stelmach)
1. Teresa Abramowicz-Gerik, Andrzej Hejmlich – Psychological profile confrontation with task performance.
2. Krzysztof Banaszek, Sylwester Gładyś, Kamil Przybylski – The analysis of aircraft equipment essential for the use of ADS-B.
3. Marek Bazan, Michał Bożek, Kacper Budnik, Jan Byrtek , Dominik Iwoła, Tomasz Janiczek, Rafał Kurda, Piotr Luboch, Arkadiusz Niemiec, Jędrzej Szczepaniak – A design and development process of the autonomous VTOL UAV systems exploited for medical missions.
4. Mateusz Cieślak, Michał Kozłowski – Risk assessment of the airport operational documentation integrity.
5. Sebastian Czyżo, Iwona Grabarek – The concept of suitability assessment of candidates to work for the position of the GSE equipment operator.
6. Jakub Dyrcz, Anton Pashkevich – Preference and expectation analysis of passengers in the International Airport Kraków–Balice.
7. Andrzej Fellner, Wiktor Wyszywacz – Risk management for drones.
8. Marta Galant, Anita Linka, Agnieszka Wróblewska – Analysis of the safety situation in Polish General Aviation.
9. Tomasz Kamela, Hanna Osóbka, Dariusz Ungiert – Unmanned aerial vehicles in supply chains.
10. Andrzej Kochan, Anna Kruk, Paulina Rutkowska – Prospects for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles market development In Poland.
11. Michał Kozłowski, Igor Szumliński – Operational risk analysis of the first phase of the Central Transportation Hub „Solidarność” exploitation.
12. Karolina Krzykowska –Formal and legal issues affecting operational use of satellite systems in aviation.
13. Daniel Lichoń – Analysis of regulations concerning IFR flights of RPAS unmanned systems in controlled airspace.
14. Malwina Okulicz, Jacek Skorupski – Analysis of possible interferences in A-CDM information flow.

III. Poster Session (M. Gerigk)
1. Eliza Banak, Dariusz Górczyński, Magdalena Grajek – EMAS – maximization security runway system.
2. Jarosław Bartoszewicz, Adam Rojewski –Analysis and diagnostics of turbine jet engine RD-33 damage.
3. Krzysztof Blacha, Paweł Pietruszewski. Mariusz Wesołowski – Condition of natural airfield surfaces bearing capacity in the safety aspects of flight operation.
4. Mateusz Chmielewki, Mirosław Gerigk – A model of integrated steering system for AUV vehicle.
5. Jakub Dyrcz, Anton Pashkevich – Analysis of load capacity usage for aircrafts in regular airlines.
6. Agnieszka Fortońska –Legal aspects regarding the responsibility for shooting down the aircraft.
7. Tomasz Gajewski, Paweł Janik, Andrzej Kołcon, Ewelina Siekierska – Impact of forced changes needed by military aviation on the functioning of the “own-foreign” identification system.
8. Mirosław Gerigk, Karol Żmich – A model for analysis of a ballasting/de-ballasting subsystem for the AUV vehicle.
9. Agata Głączyńska, Iga Karolak – Is the pilot flying with us? Prospects of implementing the autonomous aircraft.
10. Kamila Herc, Katarzyna Kostur-Balcerzak, Barbara Zakrzewska –Modern ground handling solutions.
11. Edyta Janeba – Bartoszewicz, Adam Rojewski – Analysis of hazards occurring during the use of hydrazine.
12. Karolina Kafara, Maciej Kędziora, Krzysztof Ogonowski – Ecological air transport – a fairy tale or future.
13. Michał Kozłowski, Anna Kruk, Anna Stelmach – Identification of the critical control points structure of the aircraft handling process.
14. Michał Kuźniar, Małgorzata Pawlak – Determination of CO2 emissions for selected flight parametres of a business jet aircraft.
15. Anita Linka, Agnieszka Wróblewska –Possibilities of using carbon nanotubes in General Aviation.

IV. Plenary Session (J. Skorupski)
1. Jarosław Paszyn – PBN ICAO program in the aspect of the effectiveness of airports.
2. Tomasz Prusik – Impact of recordings correction from catastrophic sound recorders on the reliability of phonoscopic analyzes.
3. Cezary Stiepowikow – Provision of aircraft fuels in field conditions.
4. Artur Kierzkowski – Management model of passengers service at the airport terminal landside in terms of the level of servive assessment.
5. Robert Szymczak – Research methods for evaluation of passenger level of service at airports.
6. Mariusz Krzyżanowski – Hazard analysis of RPAS flight in controlled airspace.

Scientific Committee

Jacek Skorupski (Chairman) – Warsaw University of Technology
Teresa Abramowicz-Gerigk – Gdynia Maritime University
Martin Bugaj – University of Zilina
Antoni Jankowski – Air Force Institute of Technology
Grzegorz Kowalczyk – Air Force Institute of Technology
Andrzej Fellner – Silesian University of Technology
Iwona Grabarek – Warsaw University of Technology
Luboš Janko –  Czech Technical University in Prague
Jerzy Manerowski – Warsaw University of Technology
Sławomir Michalak – Air Force Institute of Technology
Andrej Novak – University of Zilina
Alena Novak-Sedlackova – University of Zilina
Dariusz Pyza – Warsaw University of Technology
Mirosław Siergiejczyk – Warsaw University of Technology
Anna Stelmach – Warsaw University of Technology
Krzysztof Zboiński – Warsaw University of Technology

Honorary comitee
Wojciech Wawrzyński –Warsaw University of Technology Vice Rector of General Affairs
Marianna Jacyna – Dean of the Faculty of Transport
Andrzej Chudzikiewicz – Warsaw University of Technology
Włodzimierz Choromański – Warsaw University of Technology
Organizing comitee
Students’ Scientific Association of Air Transport
Kornelia Chilczuk
Beata Michalecka
Paulina Rutkowska
Robert Szymczak
Division of Air Transport Engineering
Daria Jagieło (Organizing Comitee President)
Anna Kwasiborska (Conference Supervisor)